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The Art of Renovations: Breathing New Life into Homes

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I thrive on the excitement that comes with home renovations. Each project is unique, and each client is unique. Depending on the era in which the home was built and the specific desires of my client. The goal is always to infuse the home with modern luxuries and updates that reflect today's world. 

I’m starting a Design Journal to show you some of these great transformations we do and we’ll update it often.  

A Cozy Coastal Basement Transformation in Florida

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I was called to design a basement in Florida—quite an unusual request given the rarity of basements in the region. The project was for this beautiful couple expecting their first child, and I envisioned a cozy, comfortable lounge for them immediately

The Bar: A Touch of Rustic Elegance

We began with their wet bar, selecting this gorgeous champagne-colored wood cabinetry that perfectly balanced rustic charm and classic sophistication. This centerpiece set the tone for the entire design, blending both elegance and a touch of laid-back style.

The Lounge: Coastal Comfort

For the lounge area, I was inspired by this stunning beach-style hat lighting piece. Given the home's proximity to the ocean, I thought this element would resonate well, especially with the beautiful wife. It became the focal point around which I designed a coastal, cozy room—a perfect haven for snuggling with their newborn, enjoying great movies on a big screen, and hosting friends on a comfy sofa.

A Space for Growth and Enjoyment

The result is a versatile space that combines comfort and functionality, offering a relaxing environment for family time and a stylish setting for entertaining. This traveling family now has a beautiful, cozy basement to grow in and create wonderful memories.


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