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The Art of Renovations: Breathing New Life into Homes

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I thrive on the excitement that comes with home renovations. Each project is unique, and each client is unique. Depending on the era in which the home was built and the specific desires of my client. The goal is always to infuse the home with modern luxuries and updates that reflect today's world. 

I’m starting a Design Journal to show you some of these great transformations we do and we’ll update it often.  

Interior Design For A Dog Lover

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I had the pleasure of working for this beautiful family on a few of their homes.

They are deeply devoted to their rescue dogs, making the dogs a significant part of the design process and family life. The client always had a dog in a pouch in her arms, as we would walk around and talk about the next phase of the design. And always big dog beds were in every room, integrating the dogs seamlessly into the home's design. The husband, who was from the New York Night Club business scene, inspired a unique design element in their Florida home.

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