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The Art of Renovations: Breathing New Life into Homes

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I thrive on the excitement that comes with home renovations. Each project is unique, and each client is unique. Depending on the era in which the home was built and the specific desires of my client. The goal is always to infuse the home with modern luxuries and updates that reflect today's world. 

I’m starting a Design Journal to show you some of these great transformations we do and we’ll update it often.  

Fort Lauderdale - Historic Renovation

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I have a deep appreciation for the history behind my projects. This particular one was built in 1956 and had seen very little change until my wonderful client brought me in. My goal was to honor the era in which the home was built while incorporating modern comforts. With ocean views from every window and the largest beaches, it was where the big ships came in and out of Fort Lauderdale, offering the best ocean entertainment at any given time. The transformation was destined to be stunning!

We took everything out—cabinets, air conditioning, flooring, lighting, windows, doors. I updated the electric but retained the fantastic original copper plumbing. To modernize the air conditioning, I replaced the oversized AC ducts with smaller ones, eliminating the large, low-ceiling soffits, which opened up each room beautifully. The concept needed to be peaceful to provide an escape from the hustle of New York and a touch of glamor to reflect my client's natural, sophisticated style. She came from Manhattan and lives in Scarsdale with her beautiful family. Her family were avid sailors off the coast there, and she was a significant figure in the New York art scene, always contributing and attending exciting events. And I had the honor of designing her Florida home.

I had previously designed her sister's home in Palm Beach, Florida, and was privileged to stay with the family and work with her wonderful sister. This project required comprehensive updates: new windows, doors, larger rooms, larger closets, larger bathrooms, and a streamlined kitchen. I designed everything with an amazing crew to execute everything, and she loved each element I brought her. We started with stunning stair-step crown molding, which set the tone, and I carried it throughout the home. I selected creamy, soft, sandy grey marble for the floors, creating a rich, beach-like flow from room to room. LED puck lights on dimmers were installed in the molding of every room to illuminate her son's photography. Everything was automated to ensure a luxurious, easy lifestyle at her fingertips, including automated window treatments, lighting, music, and even her front door, which could be unlocked remotely as she returned from the airport.


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